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Principal's Message:


Welcome to the official website of Government Degree College, Patlot.

This college is not simply an educational institution, but the gateway of ambitions for thousands of youth dwelling in the remote rural hilly region of Okhalkanda developmental block of Nainital district. This is a heaven for those (especially girls) who had to drop out from their educational journey due to family problems or financial crisis as they were not able to move to Haldwani or Nainital or any other centre for higher education.

The College was established on 1st September 2016 as a centre for providing graduate-level education in Hindi, English, Economics, History, Sociology and Political Science. Presently, 245 students (of which 71% are girls) are enrolled in the B.A. programme. The college is funded and managed by the Government of Uttarakhand and is affiliated to Kumoun University, Nainital.

A study centre of Uttarakhand Open University, Haldwani is also being run at the college. This centre is also working for bridging the gap of education in this area and is a boon for those who cannot walk to college due to long distances or other personal or financial reasons.

The college is gradually progressing in all activities like- academics, culture, sports etc. But, we have miles to go for making it an ideal higher education institution.

Dr. G.S.Yadev